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    Whether you are an employer looking for options for your employees, or an individual or senior looking for health insurance coverage, we have the solution for you!

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Anchored in the Pacific Northwest, we are a Third-Party Administrator that partners with insurance brokers and employers to help them offer their employees access to healthcare reimbursement, flexible savings accounts, hassle-free submission of claims, simplistic COBRA administration, and the ability to enjoy their freedom! 

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Simple and Straightforward

We understand that choosing employee benefit plans can seem challenging, time-consuming, and confusing.  At Comparative Solutions, we work with you to help you choose the most suitable solution that supports both your employees and your business

Our Services are Transparent

There are no hidden costs or last-minute expenditures when you work with us.  Our objective is to take the load off your HR team by efficiently managing your administrative services and paying close attention to the details 

Save Time and Money

Let us help you offer your employees the benefits they deserve while minimizing your costs.  Our comprehensive benefit solutions let you save time and money on your benefit service offerings, and avoid adverse tax consequences or fines

Reduce Risk

A crucial aspect of devising a comprehensive and well-integrated employee benefit plan is taking into account your risk of legal liabilities and penalties.  We work with your HR team and communicate with them to ensure you do not run into any bumps

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